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The Other Side interview

From The Other Side
November 25

The lovely Tamsin Greig took some time out to chat about trains, books and Tommy Cooper. Tamsin has been in everything from the Archers to the recent British film, Tamara Drew, as well as Green Wing, Black Books (get the DVDs) and recently Episodes with Matt Le Blanc. She has just completed a sting of a play with Doon Mackichan at the Royal Court Theatre.

Where’s your favourite place in London? The Whispering Gallery in St Paul’s cathedral.

Can you keep a secret? Tell me one and find out. Hemingway said, “If you want to know if you can trust someone, trust them.”

Where do you take your husband for a treat? oh, probably Barnsley House in Gloucestershire, it is beautiful.

Which fictional character do you think you would be? Marge Simpson.

Which show are you most proud of performing in? The Diary of Anne frank for the bbc, in which I played her mother, Edith.

What, if anything, are you reading at the moment? Just finished TheHand that first Held Mine by Maggie o’farrell, just started Living Dolls by Natasha Walters. Both brilliant.

What’s your ideal dinner party line-up? Bob Dylan, Rowan Williams, Sir Ken Robinson, Jo Brand, David Hare, Karen Armstrong, and Dylan Moran.

How do you get to work? By tube. Unlike most Londoners I love the tube! And I love reading on trains.

Stage or tv? Both! And movies please.

What is your favourite theatre venue in London? The Swan Theatre in Stratford is amazing.

What are you enjoying on tv at the moment? Field of Blood recently. It is fantastic. Grimey, beautifully performed, well told, authentically 80’s.

What inspired you to get into acting in comedies? It was a graceful accident. The inspiration was somebody else’s. I’m a very serious actor.

Do you have a comedy hero? Tommy Cooper.

Were you always the class clown at school? Not at all. I was the class nerd. Swotty, obedient, terrified, and never picked for team sports involving balls.

How the hell did itv win tv channel of the year? Downton Abbey.


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