Icontest - Challenge 1 - Tamsin Shoot

We'll start off this week with Tamsin as herself, in the next few challenges we'll go for characters.
I leave this running for one or two weeks. Either way I'll give you a reminder in time. Have a good day everyone!

* Up to thee icons.
* Post entries in a reply to this post.
* Only new icons.
* Text allowed.
* Animation not allowed.
* Post img or url.
* If you have further questions, comment here.

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Hey there,

My name's Kelsi and I've just been added as a mod here. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that the community has a new layout you should check out.


I was also wondering if there would be any interest in a small icontest. Monthly perhaps, given the community isn't so big. There just isn't enough Tamsin icons made in the world. ;)


'Cheese makes you dream'

Just wondering if anyone else had come accross this - it's a short (5 mins) film starring our very own Tamsin Greig (with long hair! - think it's a wig though lol) and Dudley Sutton. You can find it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/filmnetwork/A8719635 (and if anyone's able to make it into downloadable form I would love them forever!)

I'll just say this, it's slightly unexpected... :S And is it just me, or is she doing a tiny hint of a Lancashire accent?

Also, another random little bit of news for any Harry Potter fans - Tamsin's husband Richard Leaf is going to be playing the part of the auror Dawlish in the next film, Order of the Phoenix! How cool :D Pic under t'cutCollapse )